Saturday, September 27, 2008

Thanks, Leslie!

There is nothing better than the smell of your children after a BATH. I love to get them out of the tub and snuggle them in their towel. This towel was made by Aunt Leslie. It is so cute and so soft. I have been meaning to send her a picture of Reese in it for the past 15 months, but have not yet done so. Now she will have it published for all to see. I may have to have her make me some more.

Leslie (Greg's sister) sent me an email tonight that I would also like to share. It was in response to the update I sent out about my dad. She's the best!

Ooh, I didn't think of sending you a note so your dad could read it - that is a good idea. So since I missed the first round, here are some thoughts for the second round.

There once was a young man named Mark
Who was always as strong as a lark
then the pipes sprung a leak,
and his guts got a tweak
on new adventures soon he'll embark

Mark's little girl is a Mother
Who so loves her kids like no other
they have fun with the hose
and hardly wear clothes
I'm so happy that she caught my brother.

Now Greg is a rhyme of his own
whose manners quite few will condone
From Evanston brings loot,
for the rockets must shoot
As a Dad, he is so in the zone.

Benny's our guy who is so smart
even before preschool did start
He's a dancing hotcake,
when that bum gets a shake
I miss him when we are apart.

And of course we cannot forget
the cutest Thurman Girl as of yet
we don't have to think twice
who's the sugar and spice
-a purse & a phone - she's all set.

So Mark, all these thoughts are for you
my waxing poetic is through
hope your innards will heal
maybe soon, eat a meal?!
and with this, I bid you adieu

1 comment:

Leslie said...

wow, I'm famous! There's nothing better than a wet, freshly shampooed baby noggin and getting a wet lap from a damp bum!