Sunday, September 28, 2008


A Happy Family Is But An Earlier Heaven

I just got back from the hospital from visiting with my father. He has been through so many things - hard things - this past week. His life has completely been turned upside down. He has such gratitude for his family, for that is what this whole earth experience boils down to. It's not about the fancy homes or cars, it's not even about checking off everything on your to-do list every day. This is about family. We all have one. We all belong somewhere. What we do and say to the ones we love is what matters. You shouldn't let another day go by without telling your family you love them.

I have on my fridge a cute, pink magnet.
It says 'Enjoy The Journey'. I see that magnet a lot, obviously, and quite often I think to myself "Am I enjoying the journey?" Sadly, more often than not, my answer is no. I let myself get caught up in the craziness of life. I let things become important that shouldn't be. I am trying to slow down and enjoy my life, especially my children. I have learned that life is not an emergency. There will come a day when my children will be grown and gone, and I am going to want this time back. I need to enjoy each and every moment I can while I have them here in my home.

Simplify - another word I have come to love. I need a reminder of that for my fridge (Gardner Village ;o). We need to simplify our LIVES.I think we, as women, get so busy ... we let ourselves get that way. We need to simplify and learn to say no to some things.
We don't have to do it all.


Leslie said...

Amen, Sister! Rock on my Family!!! Love ya!

Amanda said...

I recognize some of those crafts. So fun.
Yah! I like what you said about family. We have a great family, even if there are a few crazies!
We have been praying for Mark, and thinking a lot about him. I know my mom has been to see him a few times, and has been really touched by his gratitude for his family. You know, when your parents are not around any more, it is left up to the siblings to take care of each other.

Amanda said...

I just noticed that Stacie has a blog! Hurray! Now I can see all her projects. Make sure she puts them on there.

The Morgan Clan said...

Amen!! I couldn't have said it better myself.