Monday, September 29, 2008

Benny Funnies

Craig & Jennifer had come over to visit. Ben was doing one of those special little dances that most of us parents know quite well. I sent him to the bathroom. Upon returning, he said the following to our guests: "Mom, can I talk to Craig & Jennifer?" "Yes." "Do you guys ever lift up your shirt to go potty?" Stifled laughs. "Yes." "Well I do. That's what I just did. Some people don't, and that's not polite to Heavenly Father." Stifled laughs no more - full out trying not to let Ben see - side splitting laughter.

We were driving in the car and Ben is looking down at his legs and says: "I'm getting all furry like Dad. One day my fur will be black. Dad's hair is black because he goes to work all day."

Ben was in the tub. He and I were talking about animals and such. I told him that we eat sheep - lamb chops. He laughed and laughed and said we couldn't eat them because they were hairy. Somehow the conversation moved to ducks. He said: "When you dip a dead duck in the water then eat it ... uh! Scrumptious!!"

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