Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Roo's Ears

And so it begins. We have not yet entered the cold and flu season, yet our little Roo-Roo now has successfully gotten her second DOUBLE ear infection.

We went to the doctor today because Mommy could no longer handle the sleepless nights and the screaming of nearly every waking moment. When the fever came it became clear that there was something going on that was not in my control. The doctor said that both of her ears are severely infected and went right away to get a dose of Motrin and numbing drops before we continued in discussing what to do for her. We are scheduled for an appointment in two weeks and if her ears are not cleared up by then, we will see an ENT doctor about doing tubes.

So - at least there is a reason for all the tears and such. That makes me feel a little better than thinking that life is falling apart and I can't handle anything at all, even my own children.


Mandy, Brant, Jaxon and Boston said...

I am so sad she is sick again! YOU HAVE TO DO TUBES!!! I swear it has cut Bost's ears infections down to one every 3 months,...where as before it was 2 a month!!! OH...I just feel so bad for her!! And you....!!! Let me konw if you need a good ENT...I loved MINE!!

Amanda said...

Tubes worked really well for Denton. Poor kid, you just never know what's going to hurt next.

Suzanne said...

And you forgot to mention yesterday that you were dealing with a child that had DOUBLE ear infections!! For the love, Natalie! Take the picture and put your face next to the saying.

As for Ben, I was lauging out loud. So your husband is "furry" and it is because of work? Dang, this kid is killing me with that thought process! And the Heavenly Father and shirt thing was a classic!! That kid is hilarious! -Suzanne