Monday, October 6, 2008


I did a photoshoot last night up Little Cottonwood Canyon at Tanner's Flat. When we were finished, we went to part ways and get in our cars - and this is what I looked up and saw. Just breathtaking. It had been a stormy weekend, but cleared up enough in the mountains for us to still shoot Christmas pictures.

I am always so very grateful to live where I do. I never take for granted that I live in the United States, in Utah, in Salt Lake City. I am so blessed. I am also grateful to live when I do. I am so glad I have running water, a toilet, fridge, washing machine! Ah! I think the washing machine was one of the greatest inventions, don't you? When you are doing your loads upon loads of laundry that seems to take all day - or longer - to accomplish, think about what if you had to do it by hand? Boy! I'd only do laundry if absolutely necessary, like maybe once every few months. Our clothes would stink, that's for sure.

Stay on track, Natalie.

I love the mountains. Each year I get so excited to see the changing colors and the snow dusting the tops of the mountains. Thus, I thought I would share this picture for my friends and cousins that don't live in Utah anymore and perhaps would like a glimps of home. And, for the rest of you who won't make it up to the mountains ... unless we have a scheduled date to shoot your pictures in the coming weeks!

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