Sunday, October 5, 2008

P is for Party

I was making invitations today for a celebration party for the NEW BABY. On the 12x12 paper along the bottom is a strip of paper that needs to be cut off before using. I did so, and Ben made sure he got every piece and cut off the 'P' on it, put it in a pile and insisted I take a picture. It was 'P' for Party, he said.


Suzanne said...

For a moment, I was freaking that you were pregnant!! Then I scrolled down to your cousin. Is that what the party is for?

Sorry to say, I did my research and Shae's class is going to the Firestation today!! I guess they had to break up the days now that there are 3 classes a day. :(


watsonshuffle said...

I also thought you were pregnant! But then I thought to myself, you can't be pregnant because I'm not, and we like to have our babies nearly the same time. Next time be more specific.