Monday, November 17, 2008

3 Things

#1 - I saw gas today for $1.79 and it made me so happy. My car was full, or I would've stopped.

#2 - I was driving on I-15 and saw a Cazier transport driver brushing his teeth while driving. Brushing his teeth!!

#3 - It is November 17 and 63 degrees outside. My children are playing and riding bikes with no jackets. However, I am sure that come May we will be wondering where the warm weather is.


Haley said...

I just filled up at 2.26! I can't complain, but still, how can gas be so much less there?

We're FREEZING here. Literally. Thirty two degrees right now.

Sarah said...

Okay, #1, I'm jealous! I'm excited we're under $3 now. #2, that is hilarious, where does he spit out the toothpaste?? Hmmm. And #3, isn't it awesome?? I went for a walk today in a t-shirt and I was sweating!