Monday, November 17, 2008

Autumn Clean Up

Harvest time is a much looked forward to event for me. Clean up, on the other hand ... well, that's Greg's job. He and Ben got a good start on taking the garden apart. We had between 20-25 tomato plants that were now withered and nearly entwined with the cages.

Luckily, my hard working guys took care of it.
This poor, strangled watermelon never had a chance.
I did plant several rows of carrots.
The quail, however, ate them - or so I thought.
Greg was turning over the dirt and discovered, much to the joy of Ben, that there were 3 carrots.

It was truly one of the best carrots I have tasted.
I was so proud of those three little carrots, as silly as that may seem. It was neat to be able to enjoy something that we grew on our own.



I like the pictures of them enjoying the carrot.

Ang;Greg said...

You are way ahead of us even with just 3 carrots! So cute!