Thursday, November 27, 2008


There are so very many things I am grateful for. They are things I do not take lightly or for granted.

#1. My membership in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I am so blessed to have this knowledge and foundation in my life. I am grateful for a living prophet who leads and guides us, and for our Savior who died for each one of us.

#2 . I am grateful for temples and that I was able to be sealed for time and eternity to my best friend.

#3. I am so blessed to have Greg as my companion. He is my everything. We have had some rough spots in our marriage, but we stuck with it and let those trials make us stronger as a couple. I don't know how I was so lucky to end up with such a marvelous husband and father.

#4. I am so very grateful to my Father in Heaven for allowing me to be a mother. That is the only thing I have ever wanted. What a hard trial I had to go through for 6 years before we were blessed with Benjamin.

#5. I am in constant awe and amazement of my son. He came to earth so sweet and tender and alert. He has always been so concerned for others and their feelings. He is so smart. He is such a good big brother to his sister. He always makes sure she is included in what is going on or being eaten.

#6. Reese is such a sweet heart. I have come to find that girls are so funny and emotional and dramatic. And yes ... I know it is just beginning. She is trying really hard to be nice and soft. She loves Ben and loves to do the things that he does. She loves to give hugs and kisses. I really admire her LOVE for books. I am so grateful for her sweet spirit in our home.

#7. I am so very, very grateful for modern conveniences such as: electricity, washer, dryer, dishwasher, car, vacuum, telephones, computer, running water, sewer systems, warm showers, grocery stores, modern medicine, heat, air conditioning, garbage collectors, refrigeration, my tempurpedic bed, deodorant, disposable diapers. I am SO happy I did not live hundreds of years ago.

#8. I am so blessed to live in America. That is not something I take lightly. I know how blessed we are, and I am so grateful to my Father in Heaven for letting me be born here, especially in Utah.

#9. I am grateful for my parents. I am thankful for the way they raised me and my brothers. I am grateful for their testimony and their example. They are still married, after 31 years, and I am so grateful for their commitment to one another. I also love that they are such great grandparents to my children and are so absorbed with them.

#10. I am glad I have an education and can read and write. And I am grateful my son has the opportunity to attend a wonderful school.

#11. I am grateful for a healthy, working body. I am so very blessed that I can see & hear, that I am able to perform the day to day tasks that need to be done. I am thankful for a strong mind.

#12. I am grateful for Greg's job and for the talents which I have been blessed that helps us to support ourselves and provide a home, food & clothing for ourselves and our children.

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