Thursday, November 27, 2008

Our Thanksgiving Day

We decided this year that we would just spend Thanksgiving at our home, just the 4 of us. We were quite looking forward to just kicking back and having a relaxing day of family time.

I had been so busy that by 9:00 the night before, I had done no shopping for our Thanksgiving dinner. I had done a photo shoot that day and was still working on pictures. Greg offered to go to the store. I sent him with a very specific list, one of the items being a turkey breast. Well bless his heart, he came home with a 24 pound turkey! At 8:30 in the morning, I read that it needs to cook for 6 hours! So in the oven it went!
We also had stuffing, mashed potatoes with gravy, cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes and bread sticks.
I told Greg he was sure lucky to have a wife who knows HOW to cook! He did agree.
Reese somehow managed to get mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes in her hair within the first 30 seconds of being seated at the table.

Ben wanted the "Chicken on a Handle"

I'm sure much to the delight of his grandfather, he found a love for the skin
Ben wanted to take a picture of Greg posing with the drumstick

Last year 2007 Thanksgiving. Yes, Ben is wearing the exact same shirt. Reese wouldn't fit into hers.

We finished our perfect day by reading one of our favorite books "Pizza Pat"
And yes, we have paper blinds. One day we'll have curtains. It's on my wish list.


Jess and Heather said...

Natalie, Your pictures are so cute! Ben and Reese are adorable! I can't believe you know how to make a big turkey and everything else! I have never had to do it. We need to make plans with you guys to have you come over!

Rose, Corey and Matthew said...

Your kids are absolutely adorable!!!! Thank you for sharing! What a cute family!

Amanda said...

That turkey is huge! I think it must be a guy thing. So funny.

Suzanne said...

Holy Cow, did you throw down the gauntlet for Motherhood. You made a 24lb Turkey???? We had a 21 lb turkey here and it was too much for 6 adults and 3 children. And then you had time to read a book? Good gravey, you are Super Mom! There I said it! Love the family photos, they are darling! It was sad to read the school post because I am sure Shaeler would of had a ball at the party. Oh well! She got the vomitting bug down here, such is life! Nat, you are the bomb! -Suzanne

The Little's said...

I LOVE the picture of you holding up the turkey. Nothing wrong with lots of left overs- my favorite!

Nicoole said...

Hi Natalie, that beautiful pictures,
and beautiful children too.

Aaron and Mandy said...

Oh How fun - I just found your blog, and it is so cute. Your kids are so adorable. looks like thanksgiving was fun. check us out at Mandy Wettstein