Friday, January 30, 2009

The Plague

As my friend Suzanne put it ... our house has been hit with the plague since Christmas. Perhaps that's what the Jolly Old Fellow left us that day.

We have now moved on from passing pink eye back and forth, and we are now passing croup. The doctors say that it lasts for about 2 weeks. I just hope at the end of the 2 week time period, there will be no passing it to a different family member.

Greg has a sore throat as of this morning, and so do I (and a bit of a cough).

I think I may need to hang a sign on our door that says "Keep Away Until Spring!"


Leslie said...

Kind of like Paw Paw getting Kennel Cough for Christmas from the new dogs... I hope you guys can get better!!!!!

Suzanne said...

Well, you are in good company because I now have a sore throat!Oh well! -Suzanne