Thursday, March 26, 2009


Dinner was over. Parents were gone. Greg was entertaining the kids in the front room. Leslie and I were sitting at the table in the kitchen, trying to look at pictures on her laptop. The computer was having terrible problems to say the least.

We glanced into the front room. Totally involved.

Leslie and I make a brake for the office. Free and clear. No one saw us.

We needed a little bit of quiet time away from the children and all the demands. We locked the office door. Ahhhh .... quiet.

A few minutes later, we hear the kids come running down the hall. They start pounding on the door, calling for their mommies. We turn off the light and keep quiet.

They get their uncle Greg to help them try to pick the lock. By this point, we have turned the computer screen off, and are scrunched up on the floor, under the desk. Hiding. Laughing hysterically ... quiet, but hysterical.
Pitch black.

Child-like laughter that cannot be controlled.

Kids trying to pick the lock.

Legs going to sleep.

More laughing.

Bladder about to explode.

Laughter that causes more problems for the bladder.

Tired of waiting.

Unlock the door while kids are devising another way to unlock the door.

Crash my head into the desk.

Terrible pain.

More uncontrollable laughter.

Kids come in & turn on lights.

We don't move. Not at all ... well, except for our jiggly bodies that cannot be stilled from side-splitting laughter.

They ask us why. They sit on us. We refuse the right to speak.

They try guessing - as we, their mommies, are face down on the floor.

They came to the conclusion that we were hiding to eat blue Peeps that we had put in the microwave.

I'm sure if we'd have planned this a little better, we would've had a yummy snack or two while hiding from our posterity. Instead, we enjoyed a few minutes of silence - before discovered - and some good laughing that our abs sure needed.

We never told them why, I told them they had to wait for this post. They should now be arriving in Colorado and this was promised for their return.


Rose said...

Sounds like so much fun! I was laughing just thinking about it and reading it! Love it!

Leslie said...

I'm still laughing as I read this ~ so funny and such a great time! in the dead silencw & pitch black, a huge THUMP was the sound of Natalie's head on the edge of the desk. SO SO SO hilarious! If only there had been blood ~ Next time!