Friday, March 27, 2009

A Fun & Busy Day

Aunt Leslie was kind enough to watch my children while I went to a check-up with my doctor.
Here's a picture of the kids having a snack. Apparently, each one of the children had to say a prayer on the snack. The first picture is of Ben helping Reese say her prayer.


Aidan was watching Reese use the toilet.

Reese and Aidan were fire-breathing dragons!

Aidan giving his Aunt Natalie a doggie kiss.

Time to say good-bye.
Reese just loves Drake!

For some reason, Reese has a really hard time with girls. She would much rather play with and be around boys. Girls just make her very grumpy. This picture of Reese hugging Brady was the closest she had come to her since they arrived.
Poor Aidan bonked his noggin on the counter.

We were nearly out the door and notice Reese is missing. She had gone in the kitchen and emptied out the container of dish washing detergent and was spraying it with 409.

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sprmom said...

wow,it's no wonder your so thin. Does she ever stop!!!