Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Special Day

This week was a very busy one for my cousins. The adoption of their little girl was made final, she was sealed to them in the temple, and they blessed her today. What a sweet family.
I am grateful that Families can be together Forever. What a sweet spirit the temple has in it. I am grateful for the knowledge that I have.
Thank you for letting me capture this perfect - and long awaited day.

The snow storm that hit.

Katie & Natalie
I love her dearly. She and I grew really close when we shared a room in China for the 6 months that we lived there. She is a fun person to be around. Too bad she lives in Virginia.


Ashlie said...

That is so neat we are so happy for them, thank you for posting pictures so we could see their happy little family on the big day.

The Christensen's said...

That is way aweoms and that baby is adorable. Love the last pic of you... you little beauty you!!!