Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Who Do We Call?

Reese giving thumbs up, saying "Awesome!"

Reese woke up from her nap today.
The following is what I hear coming from her room.

"Binky! Binky! Binky, where are you?
Mom, need binky! Mom? Binky!"


"Toodles! Oh Toodles! Help! Binky! TOODLES!"


Suzanne said...

She is so darling!! That is the cutest thing ever! -Suzanne

The Christensen's said...

Cute post Natalie...gotta love T.V. eh???

Rose said...

Now that is funnnnnnyyyyy!!! Love the girl! She is so cute! That just goes to show you she is thinking!

Katie said...

Brilliant. I wish toodles was around to help me out!!