Monday, July 5, 2010

Our Fourth of July

This is how Reese covered her ears for the loud ones.
Something's new on blogger and I cannot figure out how to write anywhere other than here at the bottom.  I hit enter and it just duplicates a picture.

We started off our day by attending church.  After Primary was over, Reese thought the Primary Room could use a little decoration.  She got streamers and decorated the piano and the chalk board, which I thought was pretty darn cute.  I didn't have the heart to take it down before Sacrament Meeting, so I waited until Greg had taken the kids home before I cleaned it up.

After a nap, we went over to my parents house for fireworks.  By the time we arrived (after 7 PM) everyone had already eaten.  I fixed my little family burgers - which no one in my little family ate except me and my mom.

Fireworks were fun, as usual.  As long as Greg is in the picture, never do the words 'fireworks' and 'boring' occur in the same sentence.  Ever.

The story of the doll head is this:

Our neighbor, Rex, brought over a doll head a few weeks ago.  He told us that someone had left 2 boxes (40 heads) on the back of his truck as a joke.  He asked if we'd like them.  Sure.  

Well, Greg's parents have been out of town, and asked if I would water the plants.  Brilliant idea.  I take the said boxes of doll heads (from Zims) up to "water the plants".  Ben, Reese & myself hid 37 doll heads all over their house.  Fridge - eye level.  Freezer.  Bed.  And other secret places that I will not reveal, as they do in fact read this blog.

Fast forward to the Fourth of July.  I am getting our things out of the car and see a doll head under the seat.  I asked Greg if he wanted it, to which he replied "Heck ya!"

Please note: NO children (other than Greg and Craig) were outside during the use and mutilation of the doll head.


Jessica said...

That's an awesome picture!

Anonymous said...

yeah it was