Monday, July 5, 2010

Our Fifth of July

Hard to wake up after going to bed at 11:30 (Greg & kids) or 1:30 AM (me).  My eyes flew open at 6:57 AM.  So much for getting showered before our Annual Neighborhood 4th of July Breakfast.

Over at the church, we meet up with Curtis, Ashlie, Tyson, Rilee & Grandpa.  The boy scouts do a flag raising ceremony.  A talk was given by a wonderful man who had served in the war.  We sang some hymns. The Primary kids rode their decorated bikes in a parade.  We ate breakfast, visited and let the kids play.  It was such a wonderful day.

I am so grateful for living in America.  I do not take for granted the freedoms that I enjoy.  I thank my Father in Heaven every day for how blessed I am.

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