Thursday, May 31, 2012

What a Day!!

Sorry Folks .... no new pictures tonight or first thing in the morning.  It is 11:30 PM here and we just got back to our hotel room.  My pictures are loading, but I don't have the energy to look through them.  We stayed LATE at California Adventure to watch the water show.  Then Taelyr drank hand sanitizer, so we rushed her to the first aid station where the paramedics checked her over and determined that she was fine but to keep an eye on her.  Poor Ashlie was crying and felt so bad.  Curtis and Greg and Ben went to a ride - so Ashlie and me took Reese and Rilee and Tyson and Taelyr back to the hotel.  WALKED.  Ashlie had her stroller and I had rented one from Disneyland, but you can't leave the park with the stroller.  So I had my backpack, Greg's backpack, a soft cooler, my camera bag, and another big bag with food in it.  Wow.  We stopped off at McDonald's to get the kids an ice cream cone which I had promised them we'd get one today no matter what.  I ate one too, and now I feel sick.  So I am going to go to bed.  We will be spending tomorrow at Disneyland.  So you'll get double pictures tomorrow.  I love you both.  Well, I will maybe post a couple pictures in the morning.  Not riding the rides pictures, but a family picture of each of our families.

 While Curtis and Ashlie were at the First Aid station having Taelyr looked at, I took the kids to a place where we could see the fireworks going off at Disneyland.  I took a picture of the kids, when a nice man came up to me and asked if he could take a picture of all of us.  I hesitantly told him 'yes' and the whole time I was thinking of the show 'European Vacation' where the guy took off with the camera.  Ha, ha. 

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