Wednesday, August 6, 2008

My Music Lover

Benjamin just yearns to learn how to play the piano. He is always asking me to sit down and "be the teacher" with him. He has his own Bastien piano books. My life is so crazy and busy that a lot of the time, I tell him to just play the piano for me. Yesterday was one of those times. My house was a mess, I had a list of what felt like 500 things to accomplish, I had 16 families invited over at 6:00 that night for our neighborhood block party, I was not ready, plus I had 5 stores I needed to drag my kids to and be home before the party started. But, I tried to remember what is important in life ... and that everything is life is not an emergency. So, I took a deep breath and sat down at the piano with Ben for a good 20 minutes. And, I do what I tell my piano parents to not do, which is put finger numbers on the child's hand. But, I figure that Ben is only 3 years old, and I am his mother so it's okay. Ben puts his hands in 'C' position without me showing him. And I really don't have to help him all that much. I point to the notes and he plays it ... and he does a really good job!

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